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Samoan Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

"Samoans are smart."

We've known about the amazing benefits of coconut oil forever. That's why it's the star ingredient in our skin care range.

We use raw virgin coconut oil from a small family business in Samoa. They work with local farmers to produce the best organic coconuts.

The oil is separated from the cream and water using gravity. This process is done by hand and creates 100% pure natural coconut oil.

Why is coconut oil so good for the skin?

Coconut oil contains all the good stuff that feeds and moisturises the skin.

Saturated Fats

Medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides help retain the skins moisture content and keep it smooth.

Capric/Caprylic/Lauric Acid

These fatty acids have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. They help protect from microbial infections that can get into open wounds or the pores.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant properties nourish the skin and provide protection against cracking.


Proteins rejuvenate the skin by supporting cellular health and tissue repair.